If you are looking for a house to rent Chipping Sodbury, chances are, you do not have your own home. While having a home provides a sense of a personal achievement, the truth is, not all of us can afford a home. That is why some of us become renters while saving for our future dream home. However, this should not be the case as you can hit two birds in one stone with rent to own scheme.

The Perks of Rent to Own Option

Rent to own is a rent option where you can lease the place with your choice to buy the house within a few years. Comparatively, the rental fee in this setup is doubled than the usual rental. This is because a portion of the fee is saved for the future down payments. Below are few of the benefits you can enjoy as a renter in a rent to own option:

The Perks of Rent to Own Option
  • You can still build your income and clear your bad credit score in this setup. Resellers do not usually care if buyers have bad credit scores and are not strict when it comes to requirements. The buyers just need to prove they are capable of paying the rental fee.
  • With respect to the agreement, you can walk away if you find something wrong with the house. You can lose the option fee though as well as the equity. However, this proves to be a smart choice rather than buying the house and repairing it in the future.
  • You have the control over the house which means you can personalize your house according to your preference unlike in a normal rent where the landlord may restrict your customization.

These are just few of the benefits of a rent to own options. The best thing about this option is that you aren’t the homeowner of the property yet which means that the landlady will still need to pay tax. Rent to own option also gives you a glimpse to having a house and whether you are prepared for it.

Under the authority of South Gloucestershire, which is located south west of England, exists the market town of Chipping Sodbury. It was founded by William Crassus, also known as William le Gros First Earl of Albemarle, during the 12th century.


The name “Chipping Sodbury” is derived from Old English which means “Soppa’s fort Market”. It had a population of 5,000 and more but has lately become more populated thanks to the expansion of Yate, a South Gloucestershire town. Combined with Yate population, it increased to 26,000 plus.

During medieval times, Chipping Sodbury England used to be an important market center as the “Chipping” on its name implies. It is located at the crossroads of Bristol, London and Oxford. It has a Chepgyne, a long market square, which is similar to Chipping Norton. It is filled with variety of houses from every era but is mostly dominated by Cotsworld stone buildings from the 17th century. This block of homes is called Broad Street. Most have been turned into shops that exhibit a cheerful and lively atmosphere in the country.

About Chipping Sodbury

Getting to Chipping Sodbury

The market town can be reached by travelling the Chipping Sodbury Tunnel located at the east. It was opened in 1902 by the Great Western Railway, a British company that aims to connect London with the southwest England and Wales. The tunnel, however, is infamous for flooding during wet seasons. This has caused disturbance among the populace including South Wales.

Important Events

Mop Fair, an event where workers and employers interact to come upon a hiring agreement, is held twice a year in this town during the months of March or September on its last weekends. Festival Week is also held in the town at some period in early June and is a time for fun and events for all ages. Farmer’s Market is another occasion being held in Chipping Sodbury held at the second and fourth Saturdays of every month.

Victorian Evening is one of the significant events being held in the market town. School choirs perform in the street in the afternoon signals the start of the holiday in the first Friday of December. Father Christmas symbolically arrives with pseudo snow from a prop blower. The streets are filled with stalls that offer various foods and amusement events such as Ferris Wheel and Helter Skelter.

Chipping Sodbury is definitely a wonderful place seeing that it was once a dynamic business town during the medieval ages. All sorts of people gather to make merry in its wide assortments of events being held throughout the year. Employment opportunities and interactive trade are also being promoted by the town thanks to its history.

Chipping Sodbury has many fabulous accommodations ranging from hotels, inns, holiday cottages, camping sites and caravan. There are also congenial pubs where people can go for temporary refreshment.

You can treat yourself to a number of self-catering Cotswolds cottages and enjoy the outdoors with the camping sites and caravans. If you want to engage in the active rural life, you can stay at Cotswolds Farm and savor the rural atmosphere and its traditional house cooking. You will see various accommodations on the list and they are all great for a weekend break and longer holiday.

Majority of the accommodation lists online have been rated and evaluated to assure the well-being and comfort of the guests.

Chipping Sodbury Accommodation

Luxurious Cotswolds Cottages in Jigsaw Holidays

You can select from at least 50 of the best cottages in Cotswolds. These cottages are personally inspected to provide the ideal holiday for guests. Jigsaw Holidays offers individuals comfortable cottages to stay in and good services for guests to have a well-deserved break. The cottages are a perfect place to stay in and enjoy peace and relaxation.

Bibury Court Hotel

The Bibury Court is among the finest of Cotswolds hotels. You will get a good glimpse of the 17th Century Cotswolds Jacobean mansion over the drive. Set within 6 acres of ground from which a trout-filled river runs, Bibury Court contains a Drawing Room, 18 furnished bedrooms, 2 restaurants and a snug bar. You can choose between the AA 2 Rosette Oak Room Restaurant and Conservatory for your fine dining.

Campden Cottages

Campden cottages contain at least 30 cottages within North Cotswolds. From romantic cottages for couples, to cottages for friendly reunions and family gatherings, you will not be disappointed by these cottages. Whether within a rural location or a town, each cottage is filled with the warmth and character of Cotswolds.

Cotswolds Finest Cottages, Luxury Cottages and B&Bs

Are you looking for that element of exclusivity in your accommodations? There is a list of properties in Cotswolds that can help you provide that. This list can be found in various travel guides and major websites online.

Accommodation for Clubs, Special Interest Groups and Family Reunions

Cotswolds has been visited many times throughout the years by special groups, clubs and associations, and families. Those who want to set a party or gathering can go to this place. Cotswolds can cater and accommodate large groups that are otherwise too large for traditional hotels and inns to serve.

A tourist who just arrived in Bristol would normally have no idea where to go or, perhaps the most fundamental question when visiting a town for the first time, where to start. A Bristol tourist guide will always be more than happy to assist these travelers in their new adventure in this foreign city. The following are some of the many popular activities in Bristol.

Hire a Bristol Tourist Guide

Bristol Pirate Walks

You’ll see interesting educational maritime history during the 16th to 18th century. It was during these periods that slavery, discovery, trading and piracy were rampant. It is a one-hour guided tour around Bristol’s harbor where historical insights can be learned from cheerful guides such as Pirate Pete. Highlights of the stories from ages past are Long John Silver’s treasure chest, Treasure Island’s Spy Glass Inn, and the infamous Blackbeard’s Lair. The pirate guided tour is conducted every weekend at 2:00 pm from Millennium Square. It may also be availed during weekdays through appointment as long as there will be six people or more attending.

Gromit Unleashed

It’s an art exhibition open to the public that involves Gromit, a giant fiberglass sculpture of a pet dog from an animation show. 5 foot sculptures are released to be public for them to design. Artists of all ages, children and elderly alike, take part in the activity of designing their own Gromit. This creative phenomenon is fueled by the need to help Bristol’s younger generations. All funds from this event are deposited to charity, specifically to support Bristol Children’s Hospital expansion. Even the revenue in the art auctions is forwarded to charities.

These are but a few fun endeavors for tourists who are beginning to discover Bristol. Bristol Pirate Walks is perfect for the historically inclined visitors who would want to know more about the pirate past. Tourists who prefer a more interactive and artful experience will certainly enjoy attending Gromit Unleashed.

Renting a property or a home, to be specific, can be beneficial. However, for all its worth, It can be troublesome too. From your unbearable flat mate to your terror landlady, plenty of horrible things may come your way. However, you can avoid experiencing terrible renting experience with some helpful tips and sodbury property advice.

Do your Assignment

Do not just show to your landlady’s door without even knowing a little background of the house or even your landlady. Investigate the place, you might find something sneaky. Although you can move from place when your tenancy ends, moving in from time to time can be too tiring. Settling in a place is still the best option. Check the most basic establishments and its accessibility from your home. Also check a variety of agencies and private landlords where you can get the best accommodation and place at the same time. This is also good to be aware on the average rental fees. Avoid being hasty when checking the property, you will regret it later once you settled in the place and you realize it is not suitable for you.

Check for the Agent’s Fees

Check out your agent’s fee for credit checks and fees. Some agents would figuratively rob you in broad daylight with expensive credit reference.

Choose your flat mate

While most of the renters have wished A-list celebrities, you should take things practically. Choose the ideal flat mate whom you can stand living with. Make sure that you can get along with your budgets and already agreed about payments.

Ask for a bargain

Just because you are looking for a house to rent does not mean that your landlord holds the upper hand. In brief, you should remember that your landlord wants to rent out the place. This means they need renters. Hence, ask for a bargain such as £5 per week discount for your rental fee. It can even go lower depending on your landlord.

Tips to Avoid Renting Troubles in Sodbury

Perform an inventory

Do not just nod your head when you found a ceiling or trash bin in your room. Make sure you have everything documented or you may end up paying for something that is not really there.

Take note of the troubles that you would encounter during the first few days of your moving in. Report that to your landlord or broker to be aware of the repairs that they need to do. Not having to pay for the repair in the room is one of the advantages of being a tenant, might as well make use of it.